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Yamaha DVD-S2700WC Region Free DVD Player Review

Yamaha DVD-S2700WC Region Free DVD Player ReviewThe Yamaha DVD-S2700WC converts DVD video to 720p, 1080i or 1080p when you use the HDMI output and the hardware inside the player does an excellent job of this, when using the HD upconversion the picture looks significantly better than it does when using 480p out of the component outputs or 480i over the composite. The video DAC does a great job with those analog outputs as well but the way to use this player is with an HDMI cable and an HDTV. Read the rest of the Yamaha DVD-S2700WC Review

Pioneer DV-420VKWC Region Free DVD Player Review

Pioneer DV-420VKWC Region Free DVD Player ReviewThis Pioneer DVD player has been upgraded for Region Free play with the WorldClad WC-12H chipset. Our experience with the WorldClad chip in the past has been seamless and the WC-12H was no exception in our review. The player can upconvert DVD content to 1080p and with high quality movies the picture quality was stunning. When a player upconverts this well there is no need to convert your DVD collection to a high definition format like Blu Ray. Read the rest of the Pioneer DV-420VKWC Review

Pioneer Elite DV-48AV Region Free DVD Player Review

Pioneer DV-48AV Region Free DVD Player ReviewThis is a fantastic DVD player, with high-end video upconversion - one of the best I've tested. The unit did a fantastic job up converting my standard 480i resolution Braveheart DVD to 1080i. The DV-48AV will perform up conversion in all high definition resolutions included 1080p though I found that stopping at 1080i gave me a better picture. It even rivaled my $1000 Sony Blu Ray player. Read the rest of the Pioneer DV-48AV Review

Philips DVP-5982 Region Free DVD Player Bombs Testing

Philips DVP-5982 BombsAs I have mentioned before when reviewing DVD players with soft conversion modifications, these all region DVD players that are not hardware modified often perform poorly in certain situations and over time. During some of the British region 2 DVDs we were testing, this region free DVD player at times freezes and skips. ... This is not truly a code free DVD player. It's just a normal DVD player with a remote controlled "soft" mod to enable it to play some DVDs from Europe and other countries. Read the rest of the DVP-5982 Review

LG DN798 Region Free DVD Player Review

LG DN798 Region Free DVD Player
 ReviewThis is a new offering from LG with HDMI output and solid HD up conversion. I tested an older standard definition version of the DVD Black Hawk Down, which traditionally has lots of motion artifacts and grain. The PAL system to NTSC system conversion was very fast from the 18mb converter and I didnít notice any introduced artifacts in the picture image. This DVD player delivered a clear consistent image through multiple input tests. Read the rest of the LG DN798 Review

Philips DVP-5140 DVD Player Review

Philips DVP-5140 DVD Player ReviewPicture quality was a little fuzzy but acceptable. After programming the DVD player to play region free we tested several discs. The player does not up convert nor have an HDMI output. It is a very basic DVD player, so I would not recommend it for a 42" or larger television. The 12-bit video DAC leaves a lot to be desired. Read the rest of the Philips DVP-5140 Review

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Region Free DVD Player Modifications

Region Free DVD Player ModificationsWith a region free DVD player modification you will be able play DVDs from any region of the world if the DVD player is properly hardware modified. New DVDs enhanced with RCE (Region Code Enhancing) also make it necessary that the DVD player is hardware modified rather than the software modifications which change the DVD player coding to "all regions" or "region 0". Read More on Region Free Modifications

PAL/SECAM to NTSC Conversion

95% of the televisions shipped to the U.S. will not play DVDs produced for the PAL format. Therefore, either the television must be modified using a converter or the DVD player must be modified to convert PAL DVDs to NTSC (within the DVD Player). Software modified DVD players will not convert from PAL to NTSC. Read more on PAL, SECAM and NTSC